Wisdom, Montana (click here for more info)

After leaving Darby, I headed east on MT-43, a pretty lonely road and a very scenic drive, with lots of beautiful country.

On a long, flat stretch of road that followed a river down below, I thought I saw something red move ahead by the side of the road. As I got closer I saw a figure climbing up towards the road, wearing a red sweatshirt, and I moved into the other lane as not to hit them. As I passed them, I saw their vehicle down below by the river and saw skid marks on the road.

I immediately stopped and parked by the side of the road. I grabbed my cell phone and went to see how I could help. The car in front of me had also seen the accident and turned around. They got there before I did.

The driver of the car offered to take the girl in the red sweatshirt back towards Wisdom, the town I had just passed, where she said her parents live. She was a very young girl, not even 20 years old - would be my guess - wearing neon light green nail polish, and she was very shook up. She seemed ok, at least physically, and I thanked the driver for stopping and taking her home.

I offered to call anyone she needed me to, but they informed me I was in the Big Hole, where there is no phone service of any kind.

Then I heard on the radio that 45 people died in the recent storms from Oklahoma to Virginia.

I honestly don't think I could handle one more bit of bad news today. My nerves are frazzled, I am exhausted, and I am tired of crying today. I know the sun will shine tomorrow and I send a prayer to the girl in the red sweatshirt and to all the families of the victims of the storms.


  1. Sounds like you've had a hell of a day. I'm sure many thoughts are with you right now.

  2. Had a major accident with our own RV down in Missouri (a long ways from home in Oregon), and I vividly remember how upsetting that was. With your small accident in Hamilton, the news about Alcrataz, and then this really bad accident alongside the river, I can understand why you'd be really shook up. I'm glad you're okay, and I join you in thinking about all those you are not.


  3. Thank you Will, I really appreciate it.


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