We have a winner! (click here for more info)

I left San Felipe around noon today. I would have loved to stay longer, but responsibility calls and it's time to get back to "life".

I had the most marvelous time in Baja. The weather was wonderful, the people were warm and friendly, and the food was amazing ... and of course, I loved just being on the beach, and within walking distance of everything I needed. It was a very nice vacation, and much needed. It was perfect.

No one actually guessed the exact date of my return, but the closest guess was March 3, so Jo is our lucky winner!

Jo, I will email you the gift certificate code and enjoy your prize :-)

(And if anyone would like to host a giveaway on their blog or website, just send an email to Sean at CSNPromoTeam@csnstores.comhe is looking for more people to do giveaways.)


Bella gets a bath! (click here for more info)

Today Bella finally got a much needed bath. The campground manager's son, and his friend, came to wash Bella for me and get her shining again. They only charge $2 per foot here (it's more expensive in the states) and they did a great job. Now Bella looks like a clean lady again and I'm a happy camper!

(Reminder: there is still time for you to enter the contest in which you get to guess when I will return to the states and win a gift certificate if you're right. Read my next post and just leave a comment to enter.)

Randomly interesting things along the way

Bella the RV - home is where I park her