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When I called home to tell my daughter about the accident and to get her fax number for the police report, she also had bad news for me.

She had spent the day at the emergency vet with Alcatraz, our family cat, who is very sick. He has diabetes and had fluid in his lungs. They put him in an incubator immediately. The vet thinks Alcatraz will be ok as long as he is put on a restricted diet and gets two daily shots of insulin for the rest of his life.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how upsetting this is to all of us. Alcatraz is a very special cat with tons of personality, actually he thinks he's a dog. Alcatraz chose our family. He showed up one day in our backyard and wouldn't leave until we adopted him. He is precious to us and everyone who meets Alcatraz falls in love with him. He even has his own page on Facebook, which you can see by clicking on the title of this blog entry.

We are just so grateful our Alcatraz will be fine, with proper care, and all the love we have to give him.

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