Christmas Day in San Felipe (click here for more info)

Last night there were fireworks and a lovely Christmas Eve parade in town. Vehicles with loud sirens were covered in Christmas lights driving all over town. These were regular cars, pickup trucks, and golf carts, all covered with different colored lights. I couldn't take pictures because it was dark so I decided instead to take some more pictures today of the gorgeous San Felipe beach on a lovely Christmas day. Here you go, enjoy!


San Felipe, Baja, Mexico (click here for more info)

This is my first trip to Mexico. I got to San Felipe today, which is about a two hour drive after crossing the border, on a very good road and straight all the way. Crossing the border was easy and only took a few minutes. When I first got here I spent part of the afternoon driving around to get to know the town and checking out the different rv parks to be able to choose the right one for me.

The beaches are absolutely gorgeous. The weather is wonderful, sunny and a bit breezy. The highs are in the 60s and the lows are in the 50s. The Mexican people are very friendly and helpful. The kind of place where you can stay a while, which is exactly what I plan to do ....

Randomly interesting things along the way

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