The good, the bad, and the ugly

The story: One RV, three years on the road, 80,000 miles, 48 US states, 5 Canadian provinces, and 3 months in Mexico.

The good: I have met some of the most wonderful people on this trip, strangers who became instant friends. I have met many of you along the way and even those I didn't get to meet, were a constant source of information, advice, encouragement ... and the occasional driveway. The kindness of strangers has been one of the most pleasantly surprising and uplifting experiences about this trip.

The bad: The only repairs the rv required were new breaks, new tires, and regular oil changes. I didn't have any moving violations, but did get 3 parking tickets in different states. And had two very minor accidents, there was some damage to the rig but everyone involved was ok, no injuries.

The ugly: Every good thing must come to an end and after three years, I am now on my way home. Now that my bucket list is complete, I shall be home in a couple of days. I am going home in time to celebrate my 50th birthday with my kids. So I will go home and sit around to wait for someone to make me a grandma - which is the very last item on my bucket list.

The end: To say it has been an amazing trip would be a huge understatement. There are just no words to express the meaning of this trip and how it has changed me. And I want to say a great huge big thank you to all my readers who have followed my blog and 'traveled' with me everywhere I went. Thank you for the advice, encouragement, and friendship you have provided me every mile along the way.

THANK YOU and enjoy YOUR trip!!!

Randomly interesting things along the way

Bella the RV - home is where I park her