My first tattoo !!! (click here for more info)

I have planned for years to get this tattoo and I finally found the courage to do it today. I almost chickened out at the last minute (again) but I'm glad I didn't. My birthday is coming up this month and this is my present to myself. If you're ever in Kansas City and need a tattoo, Noah is your man!  (Click on the blog title for his website.)

This symbol is called "world triad". Originally an oriental symbol, it was adopted by westerners as an emblem of cosmic creativity, the threefold nature of reality or fate, and the eternally spiraling cycles of time. In Japan it is the maga-tama or mitsu tomoe, the world soul. In Bhutan and Tibet, it is known as the cosmic mandal, a sign of the Trimurti. Like the yin yang, it also represents eternity. I chose it because to me, this symbol represents my three kids.

I love my tattoo!

Deadly Medicine, an exhibition on loan from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, at the National Archives in Kansas City, Missouri (click here for more info)

Hallmark Visitor Center in Kansas City, Missouri (click here for more info)

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