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I left San Felipe around noon today. I would have loved to stay longer, but responsibility calls and it's time to get back to "life".

I had the most marvelous time in Baja. The weather was wonderful, the people were warm and friendly, and the food was amazing ... and of course, I loved just being on the beach, and within walking distance of everything I needed. It was a very nice vacation, and much needed. It was perfect.

No one actually guessed the exact date of my return, but the closest guess was March 3, so Jo is our lucky winner!

Jo, I will email you the gift certificate code and enjoy your prize :-)

(And if anyone would like to host a giveaway on their blog or website, just send an email to Sean at CSNPromoTeam@csnstores.comhe is looking for more people to do giveaways.)


  1. Well, it's about time! I was beginning to think I really was going to have to rescue you. Or at least drag you back in time for our trek to THE WAVEEEEEE ;D

  2. What are you talking about? ALL you do is come up with excuses NOT to rescue me ... but that's ok, I'm getting used to this hole by now ... LOL

  3. Ooh. The Wave. :) /jealous

    Glad you had a blast in Baja! Perhaps I'll get out there one day.

  4. Don't be jealous! Just come with!

  5. Your living my life...good on you. Really like your music.
    My wife and I are looking forward to traveling to East Cape, Baja for this coming winter...good traveling to you

  6. WOW! I thought I posted when I won and now see there is nothing from me.
    I never win anything, LOL Thanks Mar. Picked out my gift and it should hit here soon. It must have had something to do with post pain drugs. Glad I am done with those. I will be able to hit the road on May 1. YAHOO
    Safe travels Mar.


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