Bella gets a bath! (click here for more info)

Today Bella finally got a much needed bath. The campground manager's son, and his friend, came to wash Bella for me and get her shining again. They only charge $2 per foot here (it's more expensive in the states) and they did a great job. Now Bella looks like a clean lady again and I'm a happy camper!

(Reminder: there is still time for you to enter the contest in which you get to guess when I will return to the states and win a gift certificate if you're right. Read my next post and just leave a comment to enter.)


  1. Oh thank goodness! It is SO about time...poor Bella was filthy....I will let Paul know...he was disturbed at the condition of poor dirty Bella..!

  2. I knew you'd be happy and I am so glad Pablo will not be disturbed any longer. In that case, it was worth every peso LOL


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