Highway 50 in Nevada, the Loneliest Road in America, follows the path of the Pony Express (click here for more info)

On the way west from Ely across Nevada today, the weather would not make up its mind. There would be blue skies with plenty of sunshine, then it would get foggy and rainy, then it would snow, and then back to sunny skies. Ice kept forming and then melting from the windshield, again and again. There was no telling what kind of weather was waiting around the next bend on the road.

And yes, it is a pretty lonely road. You can go for miles and miles and not see another car, or any sign of life, for that matter.


  1. Wow. How are the roads? I admire your driving abilities! I see that little 7% grade and my heart starts pounding in a van!
    It does look beautiful though....in a scary "omg i am going to slide off a cliff" sort of way.

  2. I thoght I had posted yesterday but I didn't see it. Then I continued to scroll down and saw what a snow storm you got stuck in. OMG I am so glad Pat came along to help and you made it to safety. This weather has been crazy even here. It never went over 42 today. 2 days ago I was using the a/c this morning had to turn on the heater. And I was thinking about heading to Lakeside next Friday. I talked to Rick yesterday he said it was snowing and from the weather channel its still snowing now.
    Be Careful out there.

  3. Melissa, there must be something wrong with me, 7% grades don't scare me, I've done so many of them :-)

  4. Thanks, Jo. Sorry the weather changed your plans too.


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