The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada (click here for more info)


  1. I've loved "traveling" with you for some time now. But the music irritates me since I pay by the mbyte for bandwidth, plus they are not my style of music. Pictures are "road worthy", music is only fluff. How about making it a choice, instead of automatic? Thanks!

  2. I love that you've loved traveling with me. But so many people have told me they love my songs, that I can't just turn it off.

    The player will load when you get to my page, so it makes no difference to the bandwidth, but you can click on it immediately to keep it from playing, or just turn the volume down before visiting the blog, that way you won't have to hear it at all.

  3. Great picts. I just got back from LV and thought I was looking at my pictures. I took a lot of the exact same pictures.

  4. That is funny! I guess there's all this good stuff to take pictures of.


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