Nothing right in my left brain, nothing left in my right brain. (click here for more info)

Several people have emailed me inquiring about my whereabouts so I'll update everyone here.

First, I am ok even though most days my brain feels like the title of this post, and I'm cold and I hate being cold. Other than that I am fine and everything is ok. Thanks for asking.

Everything is ok except my checkbook that is. Which brings me to the reason why I haven't posted lately, it is because I haven't moved. I am pretty much stuck here in NW Indiana because Bella refuses to move without gas in her tank and my checking account refuses to grow money by itself. Empty gas tanks and empty pockets don't lead to many adventures to post about ...

Also, I am in the process of trying to sell Bella - scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page if you'd like to see the pictures - while searching for a class B motorhome. If you see one for sale, please let me know.

So keep the emails and blog comments coming, they mean a lot to me, and keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully things will change soon and I will be able to start my next adventure: driving Route 66 from start to end.

See you on the road!


  1. I hope that you will take the time to do Route 66 that it really deserves. Jeanie and I spent 6 months in 06 doing the Mother Road from Santa Monica to Chicago and that is nowhere close to enough time to really get to know her.

    Do your reasearch before you do the first mile. I cant stress that enough. some of the things you see on Route 66, no one else has ever or will ever see. It changes day to day.

    I drove Route 66 mamy times when it was still 2 and 3 lane(center lane was for passing) road and it is so depressing to see what has been lost over the years.

    Jeanie and I are going to do it again.We promised ourselves after 2006 we would never go any further East than the Texas Panhandle,because we dont like humidity. We are going to have to break that promise. I suspect it may take us 2 or 3 shots at making the whole trip again. We just dont do cold and we dont do heat and humidity.

  2. Hey, that is a bummer! Are you really stuck until you can make some income? I would not like that feeling, at all. I hope that you are able to come up with some alternatives before it gets too cold. So far I've managed to stay ahead of the empty checking account curve, but it is always a worry. I hope things turn around for you soon.


  3. I am sorry to hear this. It seems to be a difficult financial time for so many.

    I am wishing you good luck in selling your RV and getting moving again.

    Take care of yourself!


  4. You know, you could get paid for ads on your blog! I do it on my personal blog. Since you are on blogger just check it out when you log in. Good luck!

  5. Mar I am sorry to hear about your money problems. Unforuntaly thousands are out of work but hopefully with the holiday season coming up you could find some temp work. At least enough to get you to warmer weather.

    I'd like to see you start blogging again, i enjoy your pictures but miss your blogging. I enjoy reading and following you along your journey.

    Have a Merry Christmas


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