California here I come! (click here for more info)

I am sorry to say that as of today, my circumstances have not changed. Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and words of encouragement.

Nothing has changed except the weather. It is getting too cold to stay around these parts so I have no choice but to head south and rely on credit cards to get gas for Bella. Which is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

So I am headed south and west. I will continue with my original plan to drive Route 66 from start to end ... and I can only hope that things will improve at some point along the way. Hopefully way before I get to California!

I am in the process of applying for several online teaching jobs but everything in academia moves terribly slow. Hopefully something will come through for me soon, very soon. 

Keep your fingers crossed and keep an eye on the blog. I will be posting pictures of the views at 55 mph of Route 66 and I hope you will enjoy the trip.


  1. Go. girl. Now this is what you should do. Don't hang around get on the move. There will be a job somewhere and you can stop and maybe work awhile and go again. Praying for you. Drive careful.

  2. Mar, how are you going to pay off the credit cards? You don't want to get yourself saddled wit debt. Why not stop and work a few months. Maybe at a campground or at a concession store at one of the national parks? That way you'd have housing in Bella and could save for gas.

  3. That's right, I don't want the debt but I can't stop now because it's way too cold and I want to be out of the area before it gets any colder!


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