Friends in San Felipe (click here for more info)

Today I was sad to say goodbye to my friends Brian and Paul. They came from Quartzsite about two weeks ago to check out San Felipe because they'd never been and knew I like it so much here. Turns out, they liked it a lot too.

I had a great time with them while they were here. We went out to dinner every night and we made it an adventure to try a different place every night. We had some great seafood.

At some of the smaller places (think 'hole in the wall') the three of us could have fish tacos and lemonade for about $10 total. Good deal and delicious tacos. The idea for the fish taco was born in San Felipe, and they are very proud of that fact here.

This is a picture of their campsite, near mine. Paul is on the left with his pickup camper, and Brian is on the right, with his van. And that's Brian's dog, Dina, always keeping an eye on everything we did.

(You may click on today's blog title to see Brian's blog about their visit to San Felipe and his pictures.)


  1. Hi Mar...great times indeed! You two are the best kiddo and the food was good stuff!
    What fun!
    Stay safe and enjoy. Thanks for inviting us down....

  2. Hi Mar, Glad you had some company for a few days sounds like you had a good time.
    Knee surgery 2/24/11 YIPPEE

  3. I had fun! Thanks for coming down and bringing your sidekick with you :-)

  4. Hi Jo, yes it was nice to visit with friends. Best of luck on the surgery!

  5. Sounds super fun. So glad for you all. Very cute pup!

  6. Kris, come on down! Last I heard, the border is still open :-P

  7. Fine music, great pictures, vicarious living at it's best...thanks


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