Holiday River of Lights Boat Parade in Laughlin, Nevada (click here for more info)

Since I don’t know how to take pictures of distant, lighted, moving objects at night, these blurry shots is what I ended up with, sorry. But I can tell you that it was a pretty parade with each boat playing a different Christmas song, and the boats were creatively decorated. The people on the boats sure seemed to be having a lot of fun too.


  1. Hi Mar, just catching up on your travels. Love all these great places you are seeing.
    I haven't left for anywhere since coming home in Oct. need a new truck battery and am working on this knee thing still. going for MRI tomorrow I hope they get a move on for a date.
    Flats looked like a great feast. Keep On Going

  2. Hey Jo, good to hear from you. Best of luck to you and hope you're able to get on the road soon!


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