Algodones, Mexico (click here for more info)

Today I went back to Algodones for my second dental appointment with Dr. Carlos Lastra. I parked near the border, walked across, and from there it is a couple of blocks to the dental office.

Dr. Lastra and his staff are very professional and very friendly. The office is modern and spotless. The cost of dental work in Mexico is less than half of the cost in the US, and the service is excellent. Dr. Lastra is very kind, patient, and understanding (a big plus for those of us who suffer from dentist-phobia :-)

You may click here to see the pictures of my first visit to Algodones.


  1. Hey, You wrote something! I am so not used to that! Glad everything worked out well again :)

    Take care of that smile little sister!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Hope you didn't fall out of your chair or nothing :-)


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