Lovers Lock Plaza in Lovelock, Nevada (click here for more info)

In Lovelock you can “Lock Your Love”, the ancient Chinese custom of placing a lock on a never-ending chain so that love will endure forever. Lovelock is the only place in the nation where you can lock your love. Today I added three locks to the chain for my children: one son and two daughters. 


  1. after santa fe will you head back to florida or spend one more winter in the RV? and what ever will the rest of us do when Bella retires? lol

  2. Yes, one more winter in the rv.

    After Bella retires, someone else will have to hit the road and keep us entertained :-)

  3. I'll be going home for my 50th birthday, next summer.

  4. Whoa! 50th??? Just kidding little sister, that isn't old at all! :) Cool pictures as always!

    How big is your ankle???

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  5. You better not kid around, since you're my "older" brother, you know .... LMAO


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