Denver, Colorado (click here for more info)


  1. Isn't the bear cool? You used to be able to get little figures of him; one of my coworkers at my last job had one.

    I'm glad you got here on a nice day - although it was a bit warm. Tomorrow should be cooler.

    Enjoy your wanderings!

    (approximately 3 miles straight east of the blue bear)

  2. Yes, I liked the bear and I really loved those dancers, those are very cool!

  3. Don't forget to have a special moment of celebration while you are in Denver since well...I was born there :)

    I will start it for you:

    YAY Denver!!!

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  4. Denver is great! But if you came from Moab, go back to Durango, ride the train from there to Silverton. Drive the Million Dollar Hwy. Go to Ouray and go jeeping. Come back to Denver through ski country, then head for Rocky Mountain National Park. The first snow there is usually about 3 October and the hiking is fantastic. Hike the Bear Lake trail and don't forget your camera. See/hear the elk on the moraine. Have a ball.

  5. You're a Denver baby? I didn't know that. Will definitely have to celebrate! I'll go dancing with those two in the first pic, how's that? :-)

  6. Wow! That is quite the itinerary.

    I will be doing some of it, but in the opposite direction :-)


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