Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington (click here for more info)


  1. I love the Hoh. I don't even wear the t-shirt, but keep it safe from the washer
    Donna and I have been to the Oly Pen Nat'l Park more times than I can count. We have bought an Cherokee 28bh RV and plan to be there more times. Did you get wet in the Hoh? We have never been rained on....yet.

  2. Nope, didn't get wet, no rain. In fact, they said the moss and the plants don't like their best, because they haven't had any rain in some time now.

  3. OOPS! How did I miss this blog? Hey, ignore my question on VT now :)

    Did you hug that big spruce tree on the drive in? I have pictures of everone I have ever taken back in there hugging that tree! Myself included :)

    97 RT 170 "Taj Ma Trek"

  4. Consider yourself ignored :-P

    Yeah, how did you miss it ?!?!


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