Teepee Fountain, Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming (click here for more info)

It wasn't easy, but here is what I could read from the sign at the Teepee Fountain: This structure, started in 1903, was created by piping the hot mineral water through a vertical pipe built into a pyramid. As the water exits the top and flows over the structure, it cools and deposits travertine, much the same as the Terraces are formed near the Big Horn Spring within the park (see pics next post). The algae within the water colors the deposits.


  1. It looks a bit like a giant pile of ice cream :) I see Bella is in the background enjoying more princess parking... I pulled into a spot the other day right up by the door of a very busy store and told Heidi that we got princess parking and she said you would say I couldn't do that but I told her Taj could :)

    So the TeePee thing is actually pretty cool... Did you see the baby racoons? Come on, I think I got ya on this one! What could be cuter than a couple baby racoons?

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Bella always gets princess parking!

    Sure the racoons may be cute but how could you possibly compare them to a giant pile of melting ice cream LOL

  3. This is way awesome.
    Princess Parking, I like that lol
    Maybe I should have just followed you on down the road. But I love it here too so here I am.

  4. Never too late, you can still follow me :-)


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