Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where I spent the night camping right next to a tiger's cage and listening to the lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! (click here for more info)


  1. Hi Mar,
    Ron Hart here. Barb and I left Texas and have been making our way back to Joplin. We are leaving Claremore, OK. tomorrow, traveling on Route 66. If you are in the are in the neighborhood, give me a call (850) 612-0654 (Route 66 Chamber of Commerce.com) We plan to stay in the Joplin area till mid June for the Nat'l. Route 66 Festival at the Downstream Casino, then heading to Litchfield, IL. for another Festival.

    Loved the pics of the lions, tigers and bears (Oh My!)....especially the Siberian cat (my favorite). We lived in Eureka Springs in the early 70's. Real laid-back in those hippie days.

    Take care.


  2. Been there... LOVE that!!!
    (my husband is from Arkansas, we used to live northwest of Little Rock). The Northwest corner of the state is my favorite~ Eureka is a favorite vacation destination! :)
    BTW, they used to have an truly majestic beast, a "liger"... a retired circus cat, he sadly, passed a while ago.
    Happy day!

  3. Hey! Those last two aren't cats?? Unless they are in disguise...

    Mountain Lion photos are cool...they look so cute...aside from the fact that they would eat you, of course.

  4. LOL no, they're not cats. They're bears as in "lions and tigers and bears, oh my"!!!!

  5. Eureka Springs is an amazing place.

    Yes, they told us about the liger, wish I could have seen it.

  6. Ron,

    Too bad I missed you. I should be in Tulsa in a couple of days, but too late, you'll be gone by then it seems.

  7. Hi, Mar, I just found your blog and enjoyed reading about your travels; I have so many questions because we just started "rving". Of course, we don't do it full time, like you do. Do you have a method to your travels? Looking forward to more!

  8. Hi Sandy, so glad you found my blog!

    My email address is at the top of this page, feel free to email me any questions you have.

    Method? I guess I drive until I get "there" :-)

    My plan is to see all 48 lower states. I've been to 37 so far.

  9. We camped there September 2010. Going for a day trip this weekend. LOVE the refuge. We have a cougar so we adopted one!!!


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