Oatman, Arizona (click here for more info)

When I reached Oatman last fall during my Route 66 trip, it was already getting dark so I missed the main attractions of this ghost town: the wild burros and the gun fights. Today I was in the area so I went back to Oatman and I'm glad I did. Walking into this remote desert town is like stepping back in time or walking right into a western film. The Oatman Hotel is where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard had their honeymoon in 1939.


    I didn't even think of it, you going to Oatman. There is a shop there "Fast Fanny's owned by Jackie Rowland, she is a friend of mine and used to be on the E-group. You should have stopped by to see if she was in the shop!
    I could kick my self and I'm sorry
    Hugs and safe travels to you

  2. Too bad, I wish I had known!!!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photos of the old western town

  4. You're very welcome. It is a fun place.

  5. Thanks for the memories of being in Oatman...we visited there when we were in Laughlin after my sister died...Oatman was a special place she and her husband visited often and he wanted to share that with us.

  6. part of who we are---enjoy your travels--I did before I was grounded---smile


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