Price Tower by Frank Lloyd Wright in Bartlesville, Oklahoma (click here for more info)


  1. Mar, Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of bringing the Mother Road to those who cant go there and maybe peak the intrest of a few who can go there.

    One section of the trip that really left me with mixed emotions is still ahead of you. That is what has the Mother road done to the Native Americans in N.M, AZ and CA? Has it been a blessing or a curse? I still dont have the answer settled in my mind but I will go back and get the answers from the very people who had their daily lives touched by Route 66 and the realinement of Route 66.

  2. it was great meeting you on the tower tour. here's the link to the fallingwater onsite program. as you suspected, the quarters are at the nature reserve.
    happy trails and dig the haircut for the cause!
    Jon & Carol Leeth
    Tuttle, OK

  3. Jon & Carol, so good to hear from you. Will you be doing the Fallingwater program and staying there? I wish I could!

    It was surreal running into you guys again the next day. Hope Carol is feeling better now and that you had a wonderful anniversary!


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