Douglas Grant House by Frank Lloyd Wright in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (click here for more info)


  1. Beautiful home. I'm curious, how did you obtain photo's of the backside of the house. Did the homeowner give you a tour?

  2. Yes, in this case the owner gave me a tour and when I asked permission to takes pictures, this is the only picture he would let me take. He walked me around to the back and showed me where I could take the picture. This is an amazing house, probably the most impressive floor plan I've ever seen. I loved this house and was very lucky that the owner invited me in.

  3. I live in Cedar Rapids and I sorta know the family. I have seen the interior and the house still includes all the original furniture in the house, plus its still in mint condition. My teacher told me about the house and i found it online. I went there and got caught by the survelliance cameras. I explained why I was there and the man let me in the house. They built another house on the same property. The house was meant to be heated and cooled by pipes that run in the concrete that serves as the floor of the house but they eventually corroed. The only way to fix them is to rip up the floor. However the floor has a frank-lloyd-wright patented paint color so u can see why they didnt want to tear it up. Anyhow the house is even more spectacular in person and on the inside. I have even more photos that I can add to this if u want me to. email if interested: twilghtlover775@hotmail.com

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  4. Yes, it is an very impressive house, I loved the inside and consider myself very lucky to have been given an impromptu tour. I would love to see more pics, thanks.

  5. I stumbled upon this place while taking a hike in the woods very recently...it is NOT in mint condition, the roof and ceiling are deteriorating, the place hasn't been occupied for quite some time, there is water damage seeping in and weeds/vines starting to take hold (actually growing through the walls via holes in the ceiling, so the same plant is on the inside and outside).

    It's a shame people own all this amazing property and keep it all to themselves, this is a true American masterpiece and it sits unseen, unused, and un-cared-for. I don't care how much money you've got, you don't have the right to keep prime Iowa natural space to yourself and pretend you don't have to share...selfish 'I got mine now get out' mentality.

  6. If only the family would want to save the home they could receive help from preservationists and put it on the National Register

  7. 10/04/2009

    I fell in love with the Grant house and was pleasantly surprised to be invited to see it as I drove by during my trip.

    The owner was waiting for an appointment with someone else and thought it was me when he saw me looking around. Since he still had to wait for them, he invited me inside and I got to see the whole house. I asked him permission to take some pictures but he said no. I begged him to let me take just one picture of the impressive staircase but again he said no. I loved that staircase and the view from the top.

    He told me I could take one picture only and walked me over to that spot where I was allowed to take the pictures you see here.



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